Visions of Lizard. 

plays with a powerful vortex of saturated abstraction and industrial rhythmic to manifest with fine shades and tones, desolate and decadent landscapes; the dystopian (or utopian?) future is today the present that he tries to encapsulate. The final result is achieved with diverse digital and analogue studio techniques. Live presentations are in constant change due to the live improvised aspects of the performance. Carlos comes back with Triptych, his second EP under the pseudonym Visions of Lizard, this time with Ensamble label. The vortex of saturated abstraction in “High Ordeal”, the techno dressed as crude stridence with industrial rhythmic in “Third Sun”, and “The Serpent” with its perverse cinematic feeling, that rings an alarm in the face of an spectral ambush. Three pieces are yarned by a sonic-design overall finish that encapsulates images and sensations of nausea and void hard to swallow for the unprepared listener. Being a former member of punk and black metal bands, the producer is no alien when it comes to speed, distortion and noise, elements that get manifested with very fine shades and tones to draw desolate and decadent landscapes.

FLESHISDEAD This new album will be presented in 2019 by Hekura Records ©,   vinyl made in twelve inches .


Marcos Rondon has resided in vienna since 2002. performing under the artistic names Van Monte and AC/Boy, Marcos Rondon’s main work is as an electronic sound artist producer and manager of Hekura Records. He has worked in various projects for theater and contemporary dance as a performer, artist in residence, and sound designer.

new album will be presented in November 2018 of this year by Hekura Records ©, five hundred copies of a hard vinyl made in twelve inches .